Care is at the heart of everything we do.

Sea Buck Switzerland Skincare understands that everything on Earth is connected to each other. This means we care about more than just creating a beautiful skincare line. We care about helping others and taking care of our planet, we care about where our ingredients come from and how they are sourced, and most importantly we care about our customers and providing a luxurious, serene experience through our products.

Our founder, Human Afschari, is a practicing Buddhist who believes in the joy and power of helping others. This is why part of our proceeds are donated to several non-profit organisations in an effort to spread generosity and compassion.

The Mountain Institute – This special organization focuses exclusively on the challenges faced by remote mountain communities and the fragile environments that surround them. In the Himalayas, the Mountain Institute has conserved ecosystems, helped preserved ancient culture and has fostered sustainable livelihoods for communities.

Rollstuhl Rugby Deutschland – Wheelchair Rugby is the only full contact parasport. There are currently around 250 wheelchair players in Germany, with about 30 clubs offering this unique sport. ADD IN QUOTE FROM ROLLSTUHL RUGBY DEUTSCHLAND .

Burnt Children Relief Foundation – BCRF is dedicated to healing the wounds of war for Syrian children by providing life-changing surgical care.


The power of Sea Buck Switzerland Skincare is in our ingredients. We only use all-natural and organic substances, which are sustainably sourced. It all starts with the sea buckthorn berry, the gold of the Himalayas and the main active ingredient in our line. From there we add the best that nature has to offer, creating beautiful skincare products that are effective in giving you a smooth, soft complexion.

Made in small batches, each jar is carefully crafted to create a luxurious experience. Since we believe everything is connected, we also never test our products on animals and are proud to be cruelty-free.

Sea Buck Switzerland Skincare is certified by the NATRUE label, the internationally recognised quality seal for natural cosmetics. All of our products have been certified according to the NATRUE label criteria, confirming they are made of 100% natural or derived natural ingredients.