Peace of Jade Body Polish

288,00 CHF

Awaken and invigorate your five senses with the delicate lightness of this fragrant and skin refining body polish. Noble Tibetan salt crystals and finely ground apricot kernel powder gently exfoliate the skin, bringing out the radiance of its original beauty, and putting you in the mood for a relaxing day.

Content 200g
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Body Polish
Your skin is enriched with bi-molecular hyaluronic acid and the dry lines start to disappear as soon as it‘s applied. Royal jade powder incorporated into the regenerative vital ingredients of sun-kissed sea buckthorn oil unfolds its regenerative power and leaves your skin in a state of holistic relaxation.

Apply 1-2 times a week. Before using, stir the body polish using the enclosed spatula. Place a walnut-sized amount in your palm and gently massage the Peace of Jade Body Polish in circular motions into your cleansed, but still damp skin. If necessary you can use a washing glove to help you. Then rinse off the body polish thoroughly in the shower. For ultimate comfort, use the Holistic Body Cream afterwards.
Content 200g