hyanetics➎ quintessences Face Care Set

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A fine composition of three complementary face care products with the infinite power of regeneration. The harmoniously shaped cubus jars are filled with Himalayan sea buckthorn textures, each specifically designed for your day, night and eye care routine.

Consisting of day cream, night cream and eye cream in a high-quality, handmade wooden box and exclusive carrying case

Day Cream content 50 ml
Night Cream content 50 ml
Eye Cream content 25 ml

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Day Cream
Your daily source of beauty. Filled with the sun of the Himalayas, the sea buckthorn unleashes its pure regenerative power on your skin with a shimmering silkiness. The co-enzyme Q10 it contains activates your skin‘s renewal by feeding new energy to your cells. With regular use, the active ingredients in the paracress relax your facial expression and reduce lines and wrinkles with lasting effect. The natural bi-molecular hyaluronic acid fills in the lines and thoroughly moisturizes your skin to reactivate its youthful firmness. Transform your morning routine into a meditative, sensory experience resulting in a perfect, silky complexion each and every day.


Night Cream
The nocturnal aura of beauty. The five regenerative essences collaborate to envelope your skin with a gently shimmering layer of protection. Your skin‘s cells go into hyperdrive every night as you sleep to regenerate and repair the damage incurred during the day. The innovative synergy of Algaktiv Genofix, Q10, and antioxidative sea buckthorn oil synchronize the skin‘s renewal process and maximize its nightly repair capacity. The velvety rich texture provides the skin with targeted bi-molecular hyaluronic acid to fill the lines and provide intensive moisture. With each application, your skin regains its original beauty and youthful elasticity. Wake up with visibly more beautiful skin day after day!


Eye Cream
Reflect your beauty. The intensely hydrating essence of sea buckthorn gently renews your eye area. The harmony of the bi-molecular hyaluronic acid, the energizing Q10, and the nourishing apricot kernel oil smooth the skin‘s surface and plump fine lines and wrinkles. The supple velvety texture envelops the sensitive eye area and restores it to its youthful
radiance from the first contact. With each application, your eyes will beam with increasingly pure, clear beauty.

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