All started with a mindful thought

“The seeds of the past are the fruits of the future.”

(Gautama Buddha)

Here in the Himalayas, this is where my journey began – discovering Buddhist traditions, ancient wisdom, and love for the people living here. From the idea of combining the positive qualities of sea buckthorn, a plant which grows against all odds, into a product of and for the region, SEA BUCK SWITZERLAND SKINCARE was created. The sea buckthorn used in SEA BUCK products is rich in antioxidants, flavones, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins C and B12. The traditional ingredients of sea buckthorn have been treasured for millennia for their nutritive, healing and rejuvenating properties. They have been complemented by modern active ingredients to create SEA BUCK SWITZERLAND SKINCARE – an all-encompassing care line with infinite regenerative power.

Human Afschari, Buddhist und Founder der SEA BUCK SWITZERLAND SKINCARE.